bulk bags (all colors with Tare weight)

bulk bags (all colors with Tare weight)

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Our new bulk bags are perfect for shopping waste free.
Offered in unprocessed natural linen and Organic Kala cotton that is dyed using natural Indigo, hand spun and hand woven, sewn using heirloom techniques for lasting function. The tare weight (in pounds) is printed right on the bags for cashier to see easily. The tare weight is the weight of the bag with out anything in them, so you don't end up paying for the weight of your bags when purchasing bulk items. 

When you want to purchase produce or bulk items at your farmers market or health food store, just fill bento up with items, write the PLU # (stands for Price Look Up) on a piece of masking tape so that the cashier knows whats in the bag.

CARE: We recommend cold water wash and line dry for the conservation of our environment and fabric longevity. It's okay to use warm water and low heat tumble dry.

We don't use any plastic in the shipping of our products and use 100% recycled shipping materials. They can either be composted or recycled.

Thoughtfully designed and ethically manufactured in California. 


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