Farm to waste stream workshops

Please join me in one of my free Zero Waste bay area workshops.

  Individually we have great power in buying healthy food and well-made products, how they are packaged and where it ends up our the waste stream- These workshop/ tour focuses on the principles of a non-disposable life by buying our food and daily essentials with minimal packaging with the larger goal of supporting our local organic farms and producers to managing our personal food waste and refuse stream and ultimately supporting a just and equitable food system for all of us and our planet.
By taking responsibility individually, simplifying, organizing and managing the way we shop for our food,  the way we store it in the kitchen & pantry, and the way we choose to send to compost, recycling or landfill,  I believe we can minimize food and packaging waste to positively affect not only our personal health and pocket book, but also our land, oceans and the people that grow and produce our food, overall food security, food justice, and climate change to name a few.

Register here for Good Earth Natural foods in Mill Valley .


Register here for Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco.

Here are a few of the topics we will discuss while touring the store.

  •  The variety of options for buying food in less packaging.

  •  What “tare” weight is and the simple steps to use your own containers,
    cloth bags and jars to purchase food.
  •  How to organize kitchen and properly store food once you bring it home.
  •  Why recycling plastic is not the answer and understanding our waste stream/resources
    is key to moving towards zero waste.
  •  Food waste and ways to avoid it.
  •  Why these practices also save you food dollars.

Thank you and feel free to contact me with any questions, Molly de Vries 415-259-9582