Every day alternatives- Drinks


I think one of the key moments for me in noticing peoples patterns in making unconscious choices is walking into any well known coffee house and seeing people sitting down in house drinking their beverage in not only a single use disposable cup but with a PolyStyrene lid on it. I think people get a visual OKAY from when they see other people doing something, like using plastic bags or plastic straws? Unfortunately unless a ban is put into place the coffee establishments want you to have what is considered normal in convenience, with out understanding the affects their decisions might have on our environment. This is where we have power in our day to day. Depending on where you through that disposable object out- it totally depends on the local hauler picks up- In my town ( Mill Valley )- these items are not compostable or recyclable- its shocking but its true. Look up your local garbage collector to see what they except.
Either ask for the coffee, smoothie or tea to have there ( in the real cups they provide) in house or bring  your own cup or thermos. Most coffee houses will give you a 5 cent discount for bringing your own cup and this way you get in the habit of always having your cup with you-

I personally say no to all water in plastic bottles- its just easier that way and I find it very easy to find water- Obviously I'm not speaking for every one in the world.  I usually have my own bottle- A stainless steal water bottle, a jar with lid, or look for a water fountain and if desperate hands make a great bowl for slurping water from. 


Well the truth is even if you buy a fancy Soda or Kombucha in a glass bottle or aluminum can- it will always be shipped in plastic whether you see it or not. But I believe glass and tin cans are a better alternative to plastic, of course its always better to make your own- got lemons- make lemonade- if you do buy cans- please cut up plastic rings into small pieces, if you don't they can choke animals and are not recyclable. There are company's out there finding other solutions for packaging cans- keep your eyes peeled.

This is a tricky one- My refuse service ( Mill Valley) says we  can recycle the paper milk cartons even though they are plastic coated? Its complicated,  I prefer to buy our local milk in glass from Strauss, organic, non- GMO. My family does buy the cartons and we rinse and put them into the recycling with our fingers crossed, I personally prefer glass and when I shop I buy Strauss Creamery milk, they go above and beyond in many different ways, so I want to support them.

Molly de Vries