Abeego original beeswax food wrap

Abeego original beeswax food wrap


Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. These beeswax wraps protect food from air and moisture and lets it breathe just like nature’s lemon peel, onion skin and cheese rind. Keep Food Alive. The invention of the refrigerator, plastic bags and wrap actually made us lose our connection to our food. Each time we show our food the respect it deserves, we connect and hopefully we start to waste less food and plastic.

Toni Desrosiers, knew that when she created Abeego, a breathable, natural storage product using organic cotton and hemp, natural bees wax and tree resin. Just place over bowl or container and the warmth of your hands will mold to shape, store in fridge or counter. To wash use only cold water and biodegradable soap, dry on dish rack of pat dry with towel. The infused beeswax will stay in fabric for a year or more of use. These are truly compostable. Do not wrap raw meat or heat in any way.

3 variety set includes: 1 small wrap, 7” x 7”, 1 medium wrap 10” x 10”, and 1 large wrap 13” x 13”

6 small set includes: 6 small wraps 7” x 7”

3 medium set includes: 3 medium wraps 10” x 10”

1 giant wrap” 13” x 24”

The paper box is compostable or recyclable.

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