Marseille olive oil stain remover bar soap

Marseille olive oil stain remover bar soap


This Marseille soap stain remover is specially designed in a stick for a targeted application on stubborn stains. Especially good for oily stains. Just dampen the stick and gently rub the stain before wash. Let it sit on spot for an hour and then hand wash or throw in wash machine. Obviously a zero waste must.

Made in France

In the 19th century in Marseille, hundreds of little manufacturers produced soap, Marseille's iconic product. For one of them, it was the beginning of a special adventure...

In 1856, on chemin de Saint-Marthe, a candle manufacturer quickly and exclusively became a factory dedicated to producing Marseille Soap... After an acquisition in 1895, the factory manufactured Marseille soap on behalf of several brands including Le Chat, and in 1953 it assumed charge of perpetuating a historic brand that since 2003 remains the factory's only representative: Fer à Cheval.

Here, we manufacture and select the ingredients to create the bases for Marseille Soap... We are at the very source of the product and pass on this know-how from generation to generation, so much so that we are now a Living Heritage Company and hold a Tourism Quality label for maintaining age-old expertise.The result is long-lasting, certified organic, and hypoallergenic—great for sensitive skin. Plus, as it contains absolutely no preservatives, dyes, additives, fragrance or animal fat, you can rest assured that what you’re scrubbing in won’t be harmful to the fabric or to your skin.

150 grams

Ambatalia always ship with out plastic, in post consumer paper envelopes. Please compost or recycle.

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