a set of brass flat ware

a set of brass flat ware


A set of brass flat ware, one spoon, fork and knife and a a clip to hold them together as a beautiful setting. These I can see using while you are out and about to keep single use disposables out of our landfills and also keep compostable plastics out of our compost. To use as my every day brass ware for the table and family are my goals. Made in Japan out of brass, so let it tarnish with time or polish it up with a natural DIY polish.

Lue makes brass products such as a cutlery, stationary and accessory. The small studio is located in Setouchi city, Okayama.
Brass is an attractive material which the color changes calmer and deeper with daily use.
Lue is always workin to keep their products to be used with fun and loved for a long time.

Measurements: 8” long, widest part of spoon is 1 3/4”.

We always ship with out plastic, in post consumer paper envelopes.

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