beech wood brushes

beech wood brushes

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I’m so excited about these brushes, being a hair dresser for 20 years of my life- I do know a good brush when I see it. I have two choices for you.

Both hair brushes are made with beech wood, the first one with wild boar bristle and cushion in natural rubber. Perfect stylingbrush that fits medium and short hair. The brush is very gentle on the hair and gives asoothing massage of the scalp. The bristles transport your hair's natural oils from the scalp into the hair lengths which makes the hair soft and smooth and gives a natural shine and luster. 

The second one is made with wood pins, this one would obviously be the vegan choice, It’s gentle to hair and gives a soothing massage of the scalp. Suitable for long and thick hair.

These brushes have been shipped to me from Sweden with out any packaging and I will ship to you with out plastic.

Length 22 cm
Width 3,7 cm
Height 3 cm

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