Life time guaranteed glass straws

Life time guaranteed glass straws

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These life time guaranteed premium glass straws are beautiful and incredibly pleasurable to use. They are very durable and easy to clean but because they are glass, they are breakable, if that happens, take a photo of the broken glass, go to their site and find lifetime guaranteed at the bottom of the page.

Straws comes in 10” for a nice tall glass, 8” for basic drinking size, 6” great for kids and party drinks.

When we choose vendors, not only do we search the world for the highest quality product but we ask for as little packaging as possible and make sure they ship to us using either reclaimed packaging or truly compostable packaging. This company does their best, most straws are sent to me in compostable paper and some are in small film plastic, I place them in landfill.

Simply straws are a woman owned company, the give 1% of their profits to many non profit groups.

We don't use any plastic in the shipping of our products and use 100% recycled shipping materials. They can either be composted or recycled.

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