hand woven agave scrub cloth

hand woven agave scrub cloth

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These exfoliating Ayate cloths, mitts and soap savors are my all time favorite go to for bathing. Grown, harvested and hand woven out of Agave cactus in Mexico by skillful artisans. The smell of cactus when you first wet the cloths connects you to nature, and the makers. They soften and shrink to the perfect texture after wetting them for smoothing your body and sloughing off dead skin. Use wet with soap of your choice. There is no packaging what so ever on these items.

Measurements after wetted and shrunk:

Agave wash Mitt- 7 1/2” x 4 1/2 “
Agave wash cloths 8” x 8”
Agave long wash cloths 8” x 26”
Agave soap savor 4” x 4”

Washing instruction: Wash with any biodegradable soap and let dry out.

End of life
These Agave cloths are made of 100% plant fiber and are completely compostable. To discard, compost or simply bury in your garden. Agave will decompose within 30 days.

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