Marseille 100% pure olive soap

Marseille 100% pure olive soap


The classic French Marseille Olive oil soap, made in France by master soap maker Hassan Harastani. After being bombed out of his factory in Aleppo, Syria, master craftsman Hassan Harastani fled to France joining his old friend Dr. Constantini. There he produces the world-renowned Aleppo Soap his former home was known for. He offers this pure Olive oil soap gentle enough for all skin types and babies, house hold cleaning, dishes, and laundry.

These soaps were shipped to me in paper packaging - please compost of recycle.

We don't use any plastic in the shipping of our products and use 100% recycled shipping materials. They can either be composted or recycled.

8.1 oz

Vegan product

No Synthetic fragrance, preservatives or coloring agents.

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