stainless steel straw and natural Sisal brush

stainless steel straw and natural Sisal brush

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Whats the big deal about plastic straws?
This offering is one smoothie stainless steel straw and one natural Sisal straw brush.
Straw measurement- (inside) 1/4” wide, 91/2” long.
Sisal brush- 5/8” X 9.75” long
It's just a little bit of plastic, right? But those small straws add up: We use more than 500 million plastic straws each day. Straws are too small to be easily recycled. So they become trash—often in the ocean. These products made our BAN List 2.0 as some of the world's worst plastic items—from both an environmental and toxic chemicals perspective.In fact, plastic straws are one of the top polluters on our beaches and can be harmful to animals. Many straws are made from polystyrene, the same plastic that makes expanded polystyrene foam—better known as "Styrofoam"—which we're targeting with our Nix the 6 campaign.

When we choose vendors, not only do we search the world for the highest quality product but we ask for as little packaging as possible and make sure they ship to us using either reclaimed packaging or truly compostable.

We don't use any plastic in the shipping of our products and use 100% recycled shipping materials. They can either be composted or recycled.

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