Molly de Vries, the creative force behind Ambatalia, aims to facilitate a considered way of living that eliminates the unnecessary waste of single-use products. Crafted from lovely, natural, and sustainable materials, all textiles are proudly made in the San Francisco Bay area. Ambatalia helps us simplify and find pleasure in our daily rituals. 
Heidi Swanson - New York times best selling writer and two time winner of James Beard award.

Ambatalia designs and manufactures textile goods and offers daily essentials  to support a Non-Disposable Life®.  All of our goods are thoughtfully designed and chosen for ease of use, lasting function and a timeless aesthetic simplicity to inspire joy and change. 

Ambatalia, in essence, is the mother ( AMBA) bringing a powerful force of awareness and a very simple solution to the harmful and wasteful single-use disposables that go along with buying food and other daily necessities. Choosing to buy food and products without packaging is a wonderful path always bringing us closer to connecting where and how our food is grown, and our products made.  

It’s not just about the plastics that pollute our waterways and land, killing Earths wild creatures and eventually leaching into our food source. Moving towards a Non-Disposable Life® in all areas of our lives and how our daily choices affect the whole world including climate change. From where we buy our products to how we do our laundry, and how we dispose of our waste. There are endless ways we can live waste free in each of our unique ways of living.  This lifestyle is not only beautiful and less complicated but it also becomes a healthier and a more economical way to live. Moving towards a Non-Disposable Life® is less about perfection and more about deep awareness and lots of tiny actions. 

How can each of us, whether we struggle emotionally, economically, spiritually and even organizationally, play our part towards a solution for our modern environmental crisis? We believe one step at a time anywhere in our life is a very good start.

Around the world, plastic pollution has become a growing plague, clogging our waterways, damaging marine ecosystems, and entering the marine food web. Much of the plastic trash we generate on land flows into our oceans through storm drains and watersheds. It falls from garbage and container trucks, spills out of trash cans, or is tossed carelessly away. Please visit 5 Gyres to learn more.

The spirit of Ambatalia started in Mill Valley in 2004 and was believed to be the one and only brick and mortar fabric store solely focusing on cultural and environmentally sustainable textiles. Ambatalia eventually turned into a textile goods company keeping the environment as its focus. Textile designer, creator and master seamstress, Molly de Vries, is living her passion and takes pride in her work. This is where the original Bentobag®, Kitchen Furoshiki® was brought to market. We are very excited that foodies and knitters alike use our goods, and we still pride ourselves as a deep green company, a part of the “Slow” movement where quality, ethical local production, and the earth are our priority.  

We are proud to ethically manufacture all of our goods in California and we never use unnecessary packaging or plastics when transporting our goods to you.